Smart consumers for a smarter Europe. Principles for an updated protection and what empowerment from digital tools

Digitalization is revolutionizing business models and the relationship between authorities and citizens and between enterprises and consumers creating new opportunities, but also raising some critical issues. Even if the digital revolution is a global phenomenon, if we focus on the European context, data shows that, in the different Member States, EU citizens and companies have different levels of computer skills and, more generally, a different awareness of the advent of the digital age, accessing available digital services with a different intensity and interest. Artificial intelligence is one of the most considerable and complex innovations, able to transform our lives and traditional business models. In this context, it is very important to encourage the use of digital services and improve on a regulatory framework able to ensure effective consumer protection.

Year: 2018
N° of pages: 102
Authors: Silvia Compagnucci, Stefano da Empoli, Maria Rosaria Della Porta and Domenico Salerno.

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