The New Europe in the Global Digital Era: Current Rule-Maker, Future Investor?

The Internet and digital technologies are transforming our world. The European Commission has identified that an efficiently functioning Digital Single Market could contribute €415 bln per year to our economy and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

Starting from an analysis on the Junker Commission’s Digital Singe Market Strategy, the I-Com Study assesses of the steps undertaken by the EU during the last institutional cycle, particularly focusing on the following issues: Digital Networks and 5G, Data-driven Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Consumers and Cybersecurity. Some policy recommendations on the future Digital Agenda – which will be one of the key driver of the new European Commission’s action – are provided at the end of the study.”

Year: 2019
N° of pages: 101
Authors: Silvia Compagnucci, Maria Rosaria Della Porta, Giusy Massaro, Lorenzo Principali and Domenico Salerno.

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