EUROPEAN DIGITAL SOVEREIGNTY. A multi-faceted policy analysis from Southern European countries

On 27 October the Elcano Royal Institute, on behalf of PromethEUs, organized a private, virtual event to set up a discussion and exchange policy ideas on current debates revolving around European digital sovereignty. Stakeholders included representatives from the public administration, government, academia, private companies, industry associations, and think tanks from four Southern European countries -namely Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, plus a high-level representative from the US Embassy in Spain.

The goal of this event was dual: first, initiate a discussion with stakeholders from Southern Europe; second, provide feedback to the advancements which are being done in the Policy Paper the PromethEUs network is undertaking. To this end, this event was held under Chatham House rules.

The discussion put the focus onto three main policy areas of interest, which in turn touched on three issues of concern which should be taken into account at the same time when talking about European digital sovereignty: the narrative, the very meaning of this idea, and how it is materialized through specific examples; a comparative policy approach with other regions, namely China and the US, in terms of indicator-based analysis and regulation; and geopolitical and institutional views.

Please find attached the event’s Final Agenda and its Summary.


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